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Stover, Isabel – Interior Designer

  MEET THE FOUNDER, ISABEL STOVER For more than 20 years, Isabel Stover has offered a unique, rich, and diverse perspective in the design world. Through intentional design, scrupulous product sourcing, and tailored levels of service, she transforms her clients' homes into environments truly supportive of the lives they're building. Isabel holds a Master of Arts in Architecture from the University of California Berkeley and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston University. When she isn't working with clients, you can find her singing professionally and working on her Jazz music.  
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Jelden, Byron – Handyperson

Why use a handyman when you can hire a ​licensed construction supervisor? COMPLETE THAT PUNCH LIST!     home repairs    carpentry       seasonal maintenance     drywall       painting       built-Ins        cabinets and closets         art installation        stained glass        window/door repair      patch and plaster        review construction ideas/plans        home improvement consultations        review contractor bids      ​creative solutions ​     ...and much more!   ***LICENSED CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISOR ***LICENSED​ HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTOR ***OSHA CERTIFIED​ ***INSURED ***ALWAYS UP TO CODE  
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