Leadership Roles

The Leadership Team consists of a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, a Membership Committee, an Education Coordinator, Visitor Hosts, a Mentor Coordinator, and an Event Coordinator. 

The Leadership Team holds office for a 1-year period commencing the first Tuesday of October until the start of the next 1-year period. A new team is chosen every year. Volunteering on leadership helps the Chapter and increases the visibility and exposure of you and your business. The Leadership Team and the Membership Committee both meet monthly.

As a new Member, we do not expect you to join the Leadership Team right away; we welcome you to get acclimated to general membership. Over time, it is expected that Members will choose a leadership role that suits them. It is a great way to learn more about the inner workings of the Chapter and to become a key decision maker on topics that affect the entire membership. 

Click on the titles below to learn more about each role:

  • Runs the weekly meeting agenda according to BNI policies.
  • Runs the monthly Leadership Team meeting.
  • Attends monthly Chapter Success Meetings and LT Roundtables.
  • Communicates between BNI Assistant Director and the Chapter.
  • Chairs the Membership Committee.  The VP is a voting member when necessary.
  • Runs the meeting in the absence of the President.
  • Tracks and records statistics (one to ones, referrals, attendance).
  • Submits the weekly PALMS report.
  • Presents weekly VP reports, including the "Traffic Lights Report," and encourages participation to improve upon the categories in the Traffic Lights Report.
  • Attends monthly Chapter Success Meetings and LT Roundtables.
  • Submits new member applications and renewal applications/checks to BNI Mass, if applicable.
  • Maintains the Chapter bank account, collects quarterly room dues and pays our bills.
  • Keeps our financial records and reports to the LT about our bank account.
  • Coordinates the Speaker Schedule and emails members in advance of their speaking date.
  • Inputs Speaker Schedule into Google Calendar.
  • Attends first half of monthly Chapter Success Meetings and LT Roundtables.

Generally speaking, the Membership Committee sets expectations, reviews new and renewing members' quality of work and their fit with BNI expectations and participation, identifies the "Most Wanted" professions, processes applications, conducts reference checks, screens and interviews prospective members, evaluates the participation of existing members (including attendance, referrals, fit, complaints), processes renewal applications of current members, intervenes/mediates complaints between/about members when necessary.

Head of Membership: leads the rest of the Membership Committee and maintains Top 10 most wanted classification list.

Membership Roles in addition to the Head:

  • Community Builder Chair: checks in with members who may need support around attendance, runs monthly reports to track attendance, checks in with the Head of Membership about attendance issues, and reports to the Head of Membership.
  • Member Engagement Chair: focuses on members who may need additional support to be successful, conducts member evaluations at the 6 month point of each member's membership, has conversations with members about participation issues before they become larger problems, determine is mentoring is required and works closely with Mentor Coordinators if coaching is required, checks in with the Head of Membership if probation is recommended, and reports to the Head of Membership.
  • Member Relations Chair: handles constructive facilitation between members, as needed, receives incoming concerns/complaints, processes such concerns/complaints, facilitates dispute resolution, coordinates with Mentor Coordinators if coaching is required, and reports to the Head of Membership.
  • Quality Assurance Chair: ensures all new members are high quality business professionals and a good fit for the Chapter before they are accepted, ensures the application process runs smoothly, oversees new member onboarding, and reports to the Head of Membership.
  • Responsible for new member engagement. 
  • Ensure that each new Member is assigned a mentor and that the mentor reaches out to the new Member timely and on a consistent basis. 
  • Assigns mentors to existing Members as may be required by membership if coaching is required. 
  • Attends the first half of the monthly Chapter Success Meetings. .
  • Communicates with the Head of Membership to facilitate any issues with new or existing Members. .

Plays a key role in educating Chapter members, visitors and guests on important BNI networking topics.  Presents a 2-3 minute Education Moment at each meeting.

Ensures that visitors are properly registered in BNI Connect, arrives early to each meeting to set up the visitor table and BNI signs, welcomes visitors, screens for professional overlap with current members, introduces visitors to members, follows up with visitors post-meeting.

Assists the President in planning and rolling out various events throughout the year including Member social events, seasonal parties, and Chapter visitors' days.