BNI Brookline Policies

Meeting Starts at 6:45 am with open networking. Call to order is at 7:00 am

  • Be prepared: Wear your BNI member badge. Bring your BNI cardholder. Bring your calendar and paper to take notes during meetings. Keep a folder or notebook for important emails and information.
  • During the “I HAVE” portion of the meeting, limit this too TFCB, referrals, 1-1, and testimonials to one to two sentences. Keep them positive and brief. BNI policy is to not speak directly about the presentation however BNI Brookline policy does permit a member to speak if they have no other "I HAVE" and have a particular thing they might have learned from the presenter.
  • BNI Brookline provides laminated cards to help remind members of the items to cover. If you do not have one please see leadership.
  • Business related announcements are made during the Announcement slot at the end of the meeting. If we are running out of time BNI Brookline OK’s emails that can be sent to the chapter regarding these announcements.
  • A form where you can enter your TFCB and 1-1’s will be passed around. This is to allow for a check and balances of items entered, not a replacement to each member entering them into BNI Connect. The VP can choose at random a person to highlight and ask how the referral went each week.

Episode 482: Attendance Policy Revised

In the past, the six month period for counting absences started when a new leadership team took office. This meant a member could have more than three absences in a given six-month period.

The new policy changes the requirement to say that a member is allowed three absences within a rolling six-month period. A study of all BNI chapters showed that groups that had already been using a rolling six-month period for determining absences had 50% less absenteeism than those who determined absenteeism based on when a new leadership team takes office.

  • A maximum of 3 absences are allowed per 6-month period, plus 3 absences with a substitute.
  • 3 times arriving late = 1 absence, 3 times leaving early = 1 absence.
  • "Late" is after 7:05 am (by the clock on the wall) or after the president starts the meeting.
  • A member who comes in late gives a testimonial about someone in the group rather than his/her commercial, but may still give an 8-minute.
  • A substitute who comes late forfeits his own commercial presentation, but may give the commercial for the member he represents.
  • If a sub doesn't come even when a member has arranged for coverage, it is counted as an absence.
  • A person may not act as a substitute for more than one member at any given meeting.
  • A sign up form will go around the room to fill out for attendance and visitors.
  • BNI Brookline has opted to let Subs speak as long as there is no conflict however this does mean we are not allowed to be in the running for the founder’s award. Each new leadership team votes to approve this policy each term.
  • Furniture rotation is assigned to all members excluding president, vice president, secretary/treasurer and door greater who are setting up the meeting. Please be sure to arrive early to help get the room setup. Please arrive no later than 6:30.

This should be 45 seconds. The timer indicates the 10 second mark at which time you should be providing what a good referral is or your closing. When the bell rings you stop speaking. It is not a chance to wrap up your 45 second or close with your name and company.
It is recommended not ending with your tag line instead end with a good referral.
Use the microphone; we have members who have difficulty hearing and sometimes significant background noise. Even if you think you can project or just feel uncomfortable using it please note that you and the few people around you can hear but across the room people cannot. Why risk the opportunity to make your voice heard?

  • New members give 3 minute presentations after they have completed their MSP training within 30 days.
  • If a member needs to reschedule, s/he must arrange a substitute/trade with another member typically with someone who will also be speaking within a few weeks’ time.
  • 8 minute speakers, BNI Brookline as presenters coordinate coffee and food instead of providing the traditional door prize.
  • The secretary will read the bio of the speaker which should take no more than 3 minutes. If a speaker forgets their bio (after having 6 weeks to prepare) they will be asked the questions and will be counted towards their 8 minutes. The introduction is a chance to let people know more about you, take advantage of the introduction.
  • BNI Brookline has a projector available for members presentations. Not for outside the group.

Room dues pay for renting the meeting space and chapter activities. Room dues are due by the beginning of each quarter.
A late fee of $10.00 is added when room dues are not paid on time.

  • If a member has an issue or conflict with another member, s/he should speak first with the other person and try to work it out. If it can't be resolved, it should be brought to the Membership Committee.
  • The Membership Committee sends form letters to members when issues need to be resolved, i.e. to inform of attendance problems, or when being asked to leave the chapter (called "opening a classification").
  • If someone is asked to leave, the chapter may be told only that it's a Membership Committee decision based on what's best for the chapter because of liability and confidentiality.
  • Members are notified by the Membership Committee 2 months before their membership year is up for renewal.
  • Renewal is not automatic. Renewal involves meeting with a member of the Membership Committee, completing a Member Evaluation form and submitting a BNI renewal form online. Only after the membership committee has approved your renewal should payments be submitted online. BNI will not issue refunds if you are not renewed.
  • If Brookline Schools are closed for snow days, the chapter doesn't meet. If the town or city a member resides in has school closed for a snow day, a member may miss the meeting and not have it counted as an absence.
  • For our list of Holidays click here.