Solow, Daniel – Audio Visual Services

Experienced Sales Professional and A/V Systems Designer spanning across multiple areas including Consumer Electronics, Design, Smart Lighting, Motorized Shading/Drapery, and dedicated Wi-Fi Networks. I am dedicated to providing key and detailed solutions to clients to fulfill the wants and needs this consists of Home Theater Solutions, Robust Networks, Lighting Control, Motorized Shading and Drapery, multi room audio distribution, Outdoor Audio, Landscape Lighting, Installation, and Home Automation. During my time in sales I have devolved skills in Product knowledge, Product management, Time Management, Customer Follow up, Communications, Collaboration, and Customer Service.

I deliver exceptional service across the Audio Video Design Industry, Retail, Clothing, and Child Care industry with a main focus on customer satisfaction, building relationships, and managing repeat business.

Interested in working together please reach out to me.