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An Interview With Roberta Schnoor, Marbrook Collaborative Solutions

Q: How did you get started? Is it something you’ve always wanted to do or has it evolved? A: I didn’t start my professional career with the intention of being a mediator but, in retrospect, the path seems very natural. I was drawn to the legal profession years ago because I had the general notion that I wanted to work on justice and policy matters and law school emphasizes litigation as the way to resolve significant issues. I worked as an environmental litigator, first in private practice and then for the government enforcing environmental laws. But even though I found the issues very important and compelling, I felt there was something about this kind of work that was lacking for me, regardless which side of the lawsuit I was on. Over time, I became involved in community matters where I came to appreciate the value of collaborative effort. About a…
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An Interview With Lauren Carroll, Real Estate Agent with Compass Real Estate

Business Name: I work at Compass Real Estate Profession: Real Estate Agent Years in Business:  10 Describe your ideal client or customer. Anyone looking to buy or sell residential property in the Greater Boston Area. How did you choose your current profession?The 2 things that drove me to real estate were my desire to find a way to help people in my career coupled with the ability to have some control over how I run my business. What keeps me in this line of work is how great it feels to help people get from one stage in their life to the next. What advice would you give to someone starting out in your profession? Don’t assume getting your license means you know how to do the job. It’s a relationship based business. Work where you live, start underneath a more experienced agent and grow from there What do you…
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An Interview With Lynne Damianos of Damianos Photography & Publishing

Business Name: Damianos Photography & Publishing

Profession: Photography for business

Phone: 508.872.4880





Years in Business: Since 10th grade

Describe your ideal client or customer: A marketing consultant - OR - a company …

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