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I provide the financial expertise that business owners need to adjust how their business runs going forward. As the Managing Partner of CFO Signature Solutions, I bring 25 years of diverse experience in accounting and finance, with tactical and leadership roles at large and small companies. I partner with you to identify trends from past performance so that we can devise and implement pragmatic improvements to get you from “Point A to Point B.”

I outsource the financial function for you in three main areas:

⎷ FINANCIAL PLANNING & ANALYSIS – I create and manage several functions, including budgeting, forecasting, KPI Development, and reporting, all to make certain you are on track to meet your goals. I develop and implement pricing and cost management strategies, along with selecting and implementing a new financial or ERP system, if and as needed.

⎷ ACCOUNTING & PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – I review your monthly financials and closing statements to understand your performance and develop a plan for how to manage your cash and working capital.

⎷ STRATEGIC PLANNING – I create the financial model and associated business plan that maps out your future vision for your business. Together, we consider growth initiatives like acquisitions.

Throughout my corporate finance career, I’ve been passionate about analytics. Even while in sales management at one point, I used performance analysis to dissect results and realign resources. I have always enjoyed communications, teaching, and mentoring and balance detail orientation with strategic thinking. As a candidate for my MS in Business Analytics, I look forward to combining my business acumen and expertise with a high level of technical proficiency to best assist clients with data-driven, strategic decision-making.

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