Why Us?

Referrals | Business resources | Wise counsel | Friendship

When you visit BNI chapters across the state, you'll find many similarities in the way each meeting unfolds. What is different from chapter to chapter, in addition to the roster of members, is the culture created by the group of people in the room.

At BNI Brookline Networkers, you'll find an alliance of carefully vetted, seasoned professionals who are seeking similarly committed resources and who are eager to support one another.  The business that is passed between members starts with the confidence we have in each other; the friendships are a natural outgrowth, the icing on the cake.


  • Increased exposure to local professionals
  • Substantially increased referrals
  • Tools and workshops to network more effectively
  • Weekly newsletters with business tips
  • Friendship and business support

Take a look at our list of members. If you don't see your profession listed, come visit us on a Tuesday morning at 7 AM.  Yes, it's early, but you'll be glad you started your day with BNI Brookline!