Bairstow, Rachel — Yoga Instructor

I think third-person bios are weird. I’m a person; you’re a person. Let’s talk like people.

Hi. I’m Rachel. I created Life Support Yoga because I think a consistent and personally meaningful yoga practice can support you in all areas of your life. I can help you with that.

I started practicing yoga in 2002 and completed my first yoga teacher training at Kripalu in 2007. I found a home in Forrest Yoga in 2008 and draw much of my current style from that system. (I also teach Prenatal and Yin Yoga, because I’m niche like that.)

Forrest was the first style of yoga I’d encountered that directly addressed these two realities:

  1. Life can be really, really hard. Sometimes we lose the things we love. Sometimes we get hurt. Sometimes our spirits are broken. Sometimes we don’t realize our own worth. And those tiny hurts we experience every day -- saying yes when we wanted to say no, hiding our ideas out of fear of ridicule, ignoring our instincts -- really add up, hurt us, and make us feel dull and tired.

  2. It can get better.

If you know all about the first reality, and less about the second, boy do I get that. I’ve been there, and I’m not here to tell you that practicing yoga immediately changed everything and I live every day free of worry, stress, fear or frustration. Just writing that makes me laugh.

I will say that yoga has taught me embodied wisdom and given me some practical tools to deal with those realities, and I’d love to share those gifts with you.

So, if you feel stressed, stuck, achy, bored, fearful, tense, or restless, please reach out to me for some private sessions or join me for a class.

Let’s make it better.