The following days we do not have a meeting. If a holiday falls on a Monday we have the Tuesday off. 

  • 1-Jan New Years Day
  • 15-Jan MLK Jr Day
  • 19-Feb Presidents Day
  • 20-Apr Patriots Day
  • 28-May Memorial Day
  • 4-Jul Independence Day (If it falls on a Monday / Tuesday )
  • 3-Sep LABOR DAY
  • 12-Oct Columbus Day
  • 11-Nov Veterans Day (If it falls on a Monday / Tuesday)
  • There is a meeting on the Tuesday of Thanksgiving
  • 24-Dec Christmas Eve

Snow Days

  • If Brookline Schools are closed for snow days, the chapter doesn't meet. If the town or city a member resides in has school closed for a snow day, a member may miss the meeting and not have it counted as an absence.